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임상지역센터 오시는 길 지도 임상지역센터 오시는 길 지도
3-1Ga, Dongdaeshin-Dong, Seo-gu, Busan 602-714, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea
Line No. 1 (Orange line), Exit no. 2 at Dongdaeshin Station or Exit no. 4 at Seodaeshin Station After exiting the subway, use the convenient hospital circulation shuttle bus that runs every fifteen minutes.
Alternatively, a taxi costs \3,000 and takes approximately three minutes.
Regular Bus
Numbers 8, 15, 67, 161, 167 all lead to the hospital.
Circulation shuttle bus (yellow bus): via Dong-A University Hospital ↔ Dongdaesin Station ↔ Seodaesin Station (runs approximately every fifteen minutes) Taxi: Dong-A University Hospital.
In Korean: Dong-a Daehakgyo Euiryowon